Dee is insightful and motivating. Her passion about her chosen field comes through her work, as well as her compassion and kindness. Dee listened to me and guided me to identify the top areas of my life in which I needed to focus. Then, she offered practical, to-the-point suggestions which quickly made a difference. She held me accountable but the results I was getting made it feel like no work at all. She was both pragmatic and inspirational, at once supportive and demanding. If you are seeking someone who will help you see yourself in a new light and then help you find the steps to get there, I highly recommend coach Dee!
Diana, Senior Financial Analyst


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About Me

I am dedicated to guiding you toward making lasting, positive changes in your life. I have the insight and commitment to help you discover the courage, confidence and tools needed to explore new opportunities and live your life free to follow your heart.


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What others are saying



Dee is passionate about aiding others. Her coaching techniques focused on guiding me to recognize my unique goals and challenges. Through perseverance and gentle questioning, she helped me find constructive means to fulfill these goals and overcome difficulties. I highly recommend her for all those seeking improvement.
Aron, Associate Professor

Dee brings her unique perspective and bold outlook towards life into her coaching, which has inspired me to pursue my passions and live life courageously. She thinks outside and box and encourages me to take risks when it’s good for me. Her passion for her work makes her a powerful coach that I’d recommend without hesitation.

Vinita, Software developer

Dee has helped me find my goal in life. I was completely lost and had no confidence in myself. She helped me get out of my own head and find my dream job. I owe a tremendous amount of my career success to her. Her bold approach to life and persistence in helping break through mental barriers is incredible.

Gian, Senior delivery manager

As I took part in the coaching sessions, around six months ago, it was unclear – at least for me – how the coaching would be helpful and where precisely my needs of improvement were. Furthermore, taking part in a coaching framework through Skype with a person residing at “the opposite side” of the world seemed at the beginning slightly weird to me.

However, I was convinced – for some reasons – that these coaching sessions would be helpful in a way or another.

From the very start, Dee took the time to listen carefully to the different aspects of my life (private and professional) and define afterwards the many different paths I could follow to improve my life.

Although I sometimes was surprised by some suggestions (grateful attitude, thought switching, a movie, etc.) I – after having experienced them – always found them deeply enriching.

Dee’s coaching has been truly helpful in both private and professional levels. More specifically, meditation, thought switching, gratitude attitude, and an even more risky and open approach towards work especially and maybe private life as well have become part of my daily life.

I therefore truly and warmly recommend Dee’s coaching, as I’m convinced anyone (whatever his professional and/or private life is) can really benefit in a multitude of ways from her coaching.

Jean Quartarolo, Programme Assistant, International Organization for Migration