About Me

Hi, and welcome! My name is Dee, and I help people find themselves and create a life they love. Here’s a bit about me.

As a kid, I was tuned into my feelings and felt different from the other kids around me. As a result, I was extremely shy and introverted. I felt unpopular and bullied in school. I had a difficult time talking to people and didn’t feel like I made an impression. I felt laughed at and ridiculed. I felt like I didn’t belong or have a voice. I approached the world in a different way than most people and felt judged and out of place. Even though I didn’t fit in, I liked who I was and had the confidence to live my life on my own terms which often was against the grain. However, I craved to have real connections and authentic conversations, and wasn’t able to do so in this pretend world I was a part of.

My environment led me to believe that I had to get the right education and the right job, as that would bring money and power and success. I also believed through watching others that these things were achieved through manipulation, politics and street smart people who did not have time for their friends and families. As a result, I had a difficult time believing I could ever succeed in the world if I listened to and followed my own heart, which is what I had wanted to do. I had to follow the well known formula to success.

I was so convinced that I had to go after success that I studied software engineering so I could be successful in the competitive and aggressive software world, and went on to work for Microsoft and similar companies. I didn’t listen to my heart, didn’t try to figure out what I truly wanted to do, and I didn’t dream. I settled for living within my limited software engineering framework. In the beginning it was great, and I had a very successful career for over 13 years. But after that, as I became more aware of myself, it stopped feeling right. It didn’t feel authentic any more. It didn’t feel good. For the last three of those years, I forced myself to be in a job that I didn’t find fulfilling. I started doing a lot of soul searching during this time.

It took me a while, but eventually, though a lot of reading, learning, self-introspection and journaling, I overcame some of my major limitations and false beliefs. My biggest struggles ended up being my greatest gains. I learned how to listen to my heart and build courage, shed my perceived notions of success, slowly but surely, left the software world, and began to follow my dreams.

Now I know that success means living the life you want to live, with joy, integrity and kindness towards those that are a part of your life. Successful people are successful because of their character. Because of their determination. Because of their inner power and ability to have real, authentic thoughts and conversations. It is because of my inner strength and courage to step out and listen to my heart, that I have continuously increased my confidence and happiness.

Throughout this process, I have learned a lot about myself. I have taken all these life experiences and have been continuously developing the life I want to live. I took the life coach training from CTI. I now want to help others, who want to live authentically, do the same thing. I want to help you follow your dreams and craft the life you want to live. It starts by making small, simple changes, and gradually you will see your life transform in amazing and positive ways.

CTI Trained Coach