In this fantastic Ted talk, Amy Cuddy talks about the importance of body language, or non verbal communication, in allowing us to bring our best selves forward.
It is a fascinating insight into how much difference non verbal communication can make in our everyday lives. Who we hire, who we date, whether we sue a doctor or not, whether we like someone or not, this can greatly be impacted by body language and how we communicate with others non verbally.

There are studies that have shown that we judge people within seven seconds of meeting them! And it can be quite difficult to change that perception, once made.

In short, before we get nervous about anything, a simple act such as standing in a wonder woman pose, with our hands on our hips, even for two minutes, can improve our performance in job interviews or public speeches.

I’d encourage you to take it to the next level and raise hands and sing and dance and make yourself loud and big as often as you can, ideally in the privacy of your car or home, so you don’t come across as a lunatic! This will help you feel better even if you are feeling low or unhappy.

Happy power posing!