What I do

I came out of Microsoft as a product developer. I realized there are many people in companies who are unhappy, unfulfilled, worried, and stressed out, maybe ready to jump ship. They are unable to give their full selves to their work.

Because I lived that life for 13 years, I realized my experience, skills and techniques can help recognize unique goals and challenges, and solve many of these problems for businesses. I now make my living helping small, medium and large companies that have people like me, feeling restless, uncomfortable, unhappy, or unfulfilled. I find out what’ll help liberate them, get them recommitted, etc. and resolve those issues. I provide practical, pragmatic to-the-point suggestions so you get max performance, productivity, loyalty and commitment from your people.

The end result is employees that are happier, more fulfilled and more excited to come to work and do the best they can.

Why I do it

I’ve always been an advocate for my associates and colleagues. I left a secure high paying job at one of America’s biggest corps to use my unique experience and talent to translate what I learned into having an impact on employees working for other organizations. Making a difference, being persistent, supportive and inspirational gives me a sense of purpose. My mission is to support everyone I can to live life courageously. I’m good at transforming fear-based decision making into courage-based choices.

Who I am looking for

I’m looking for small, medium and large business owners who are ready to get the best out of their people. I work with companies whose employees are frustrated, restless, complaining, anxious, absent, disengaged or under-performing. I find out what’s going on, and help correct it.
Companies that want their people to give more of themselves to the company, who want to be loyal, who want to offer more of their experience and wisdom.
Companies have a lot invested in their people. Helping them resolve their issues can have a very significant impact on the company, qualitatively and quantifiably. You can measure improvements in productivity, performance and profits. You can also see behavioral change. Happy people are much more productive, profitable and perform better.

How will coaching benefit you?

Is there something in your life that you want to work on? Would you feel better if certain areas of your life were better than they are now? Would you like to make progress in your career, or relationships, or health? Would you like to get more organized, have more financial freedom, or travel more? Do you want to include more fun and relaxation in your life? Or is there something else that you would like to work on?

This is where I come in. I will help you design your life so you can access the power that’s within you. I will help you understand what you truly want to do, and set your goals based on your ideal life that design. I will help you create a set of very clear steps on how to achieve it.

We often tell ourselves stories about why we have not achieved what we could have. I will help you break those mental barriers, so that you can know your power. You know that you are capable of doing anything you set your mind to. Almost every successful person has overcome all kinds of severe problems to get where they are. You can too, even if it feels impossible at the moment.

If you are ready to take charge of your life, if you are ready to take the next steps, then let’s take this journey together. Contact me to schedule a conversation so we can determine how I can help you.

A little about me

Hi, I’m Dee. I was a software developer for about ten years, and quit my job to find my calling. It was a great paying job, but I didn’t find it fulfilling. I did a lot of soul searching and became a full time life and career coach. You can read more about me here.

I am a Coaches Training International (CTI) trained coach. CTI is the oldest coaching institute and is the first institute to get accreditation by International Coaching Federation (ICF).

CTI trained coach

CTI trained coach

The coaching process I use

I use a set of tools, exercises and processes to help you understand your values, to help identify what gives you meaning and fulfillment, and joy. You have the answers hidden inside you. You may need a little help digging deep and asking the right questions to obtain the answers you have been looking for. You may need help formulating a clear action plan, and then having someone supportive to be accountable to. I will help you by asking you questions that will help you get breakthroughs about your ideal life, and then help you with how to get there.

I will be laser focused on helping you design your life, creating an action plan, and then helping you as you make progress on your action plan, until you get to where you want to be. It could be related to your career, your business, your health, your relationships, or any other aspect of your life. My only purpose is to help you achieve your goals.

Is this therapy?

Coaching is not therapy. Coaching is about taking action and looking into the future, whereas therapy digs into the past and the fear triggers, and then takes steps to address them.

I will help guide you on your path to a better future. Not sure? Contact me for a conversation to see if we’re a good fit.

Next steps

Call or email me and let’s schedule a conversation to see how I can help. You can do this exercise before coming in. Answer the questions based on what you feel right now. If you are not sure about how to answer something, don’t worry, we can discuss it during our session and complete the questionnaire at that time.