Hi! Yesterday was day 8 of my 26 day water only fast, and I broke it! See the video for more details. Basically the night of day 7 I puked blood twice, bright red, and it felt like a significant amount to me. And then day 8 I couldn’t drink water because I kept wanting to puke it out. When my mentor said it’s okay, just ease up on the water for a day, that’s when I decided that it’s not okay any more. I can’t not drink water on a lengthy water fast. Despite losing face and knowing that I was breaking my commitment to myself, I decided to take care of my health. I broke it with 8 ounces of watermelons every three hours. This fast was way more brutal for me than I’ve seen it be for others I seen on a water fast, I was happy to be done. I feel great about my decision!

I ended up going to spend the night at a friend’s place, and also I didn’t know what to say to all of you, so I didn’t shoot a video or send a mail yesterday! I’m feeling soooo much better today! I’m gaining my strength back slowly but surely. It’ll take a few days to be completely normal, but I’m good. Happy! I lost ten pounds, I’d loooove to keep it off! Let’s see! 🙂

Until next time!

Blessings, love and healing to you!